Real Talk

Real Talk addresses real topics and real life situations which will be addressed during the sessions from leading experts in their field of study. Real Talk assist the participant in understanding what they may encounter or face in life. Real talk brings vision to reality.

Princess To Queens /Prince to Kings

Princess to Queens & Prince to Kings is a skills building program through Meaning In Colors. Participants will connect with a mentor that will work with them to help empower them to build social skills, self-confidence and to reach their goals. This program will provide resources for empowerment, education and becoming self-sufficient. For the past 5 years, Meaning in Colors has helped mentor and support students as they work to develop critical skills that will empower them and set them up for success in the future.

Life Coach

A Life Coach will assist the participant in reaching personal and professional goals. The Life Coach will assist the participant in college prep, resume building , career paths, employ ability skills and job leads.


R.A.R.E....I is a program designed to take behaviorally challenged children and turn them into positive members of society.

R - Stands for reacting to the problem. We must clarify the problem and address the child.

A - Stands for approaching the child. looking at the bigger picture and figuring out the reason behind the child's behavior.

R - Stands for being responsible. The child must take ownership of what she or he has done.

E - Stands for enforcing the rules of the club. explaining to the child why the behavior is not accepted.

I - Stands for meeting the needs of the individual. Using positive reinforcement, we will work together to help the child reach his or her full potential.