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As a non profit organization, Meaning In Colors provides resources and services for our youth that may be struggling with personal, academic and professional growth. Our services range from mentoring to transitional housing in which will assist our youth in becoming upstanding citizens in our community through our five phase program.

Mission Statement 

The mission of Meaning In Colors is to lead and ensure young adults to reach their full potential by breaking down barriers and providing resources for empowerment, education and becoming self-sufficient

Our Vision 

Meaning In Colors vision is to provide young adults with quality services, that will help each member reach their full potential in All aspects of life, so that barriers can be broken and young adults can exceed the expectations of being a productive citizen. 

Our Services

Five Phase Program


Our mentoring program is a six month service that is operated by a life coach of "Meaning In Colors." The six month program addresses relative topics that are imperative to today's society.

Transitional Housing              "Pouring Into Our Hearts"

Pouring into our hearts is a transitional housing program. We offer 3 months, 6 months and 12 months housing plans.  Our model is "breaking homelessness to achieve Greatness." We provide services as they transition into their own independent living.

Community Outreach

Giving back is significant to help our community growth. Our organization will orchestrate an event every three months so  that each member will be in attendance to  volunteer and contribute to uplifting  the community. 

 "Its is more abundant to give than receive."

Healthy Living 

All of our members will practice healthy living by formulating a exercise and diet plans. Living a healthy lifestyle is imperative when maintaining a fulfilled long life. 

"You are what you eat."

Activating Your Gifts

Activating your Gifts is a program that partners your child with a mentor to  help develop their gifts and talents. 

"Doing what you love."